Collection: Medium Toys

Whether you are looking for a gift to celebrate the arrival of a brand-new bundle of joy, something to celebrate a birthday, or a baby shower gift, Snuggle Buddies Medium Sitting Toys make perfect presents. 

With a wide variety of animal designs available, which includes dinosaurs, horses, unicorns, foxes, koalas, and pandas, our toys are handmade, non-toxic, machine washable and made from 100% natural cotton. Our toys are of superior quality, durable and built to withstand even the toughest and high spirited of children and their playtime routines. 

The Snuggle Buddies Medium Sitting Toy range not only come in a vast variety of animal designs, but are brightly coloured, making them perfect for inquisitive minds and easily identifiable when out and about. Each Snuggle Buddles toy, including all of our Medium Sitting toys comes with its very own canvas carry bags for all types of adventures your child may go on, making transport much easier, and ensuring the likelihood of lost toys is significantly reduced. Our canvas carry bags are also perfect to pop your child’s favourite Snuggle Buddies toy into a day care bag, or to ensure safekeeping on holidays and flights.